"Boy I gotta watch my back...cause I'm not just anybody" -Aaliyah

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Nah, not Drake! Obviously, he was so inspired enough by Aaliyah's music to have used her classic line for his part on "Bedrock". Remember? Are You That Somebody?!.
#Note...One of the greatest songs ever.

Years have passed since the tragic dead of one of the greatest artists ever. Aaliyah was definitely a great singer & a loveable person. She has left us with the most timeless & greatest music that will forever be with us. Aaliyah has always been a huge inspiration to me. And, I'm truly thankful for that. As most people may know, this past weekend was Aaliyah's birthday as she would have turned 31 years old.
With that being said...
"We love you & you are truly missed!"

Rest In Peace
Aaliyah Haughton


  1. I love it. I miss this woman soooo much. R&B would sound way better these days if she was still here. Maybe we wouldn't be listening to "Video phone"...Omg I'm so annoyed by that song. Anyways...Happy (belated) Birthday!


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