"At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love." -DR.MLK

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Happy/Peaceful Dr. Martin Luther King Day

My flashback to yesterday evening:
A conversation between Jay (5 year cousin) & myself

Me: Do you know who Dr. Martin Luther King is?
Jay: Yes!
Me: Could you tell me something about him?
Jay: I know that he was a civil rights leader.
Me: What else...?
Jay: Umm (smile)...he won an award.?!
Me: Are you talking about the Nobel Peace Prize?
Jay: Yes!
(Behind our Dr. King conversation, we began to talk about Rosa Parks & why she chose to do what she had done...) *Sidenote*-I was kinda grilling him. But it seemed like he wasn't sweating all my questions I was shooting at him. Because, he kept giving me straight answers with the "I wish she would shut up" look. lol.

I was fairly impress with our conversation. This kid knows alot. He would have went all night talking to me...if it wasn't for the bright cartoons that stole his attention. lol. I thought the way he spoke about the civil rights leaders was kinda cool. I'll be shooting the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" question really soon...lol.

my generation a.k.a. young creative world.

Dear my generation,
It is on us (our generation) to read books, do the research, ask questions or maybe even read biographies on people who may have paved the way for us to be able to do the many things that we can do or may be taking for granted today in 2010. Those inspiration may help us to make the next step for change for the better of our society. Because of those inspirations, we to have to evolve at many points in our lives. And show that we can too be great & continue what has been started for us by great leaders.


Thank you.