Where Can I Get A TalkBox?

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Autotune seems to be the easy way out these days! A time before autotune was invented, there was the infamous talkbox! They're both unique in their own way. But today's society is just abusing the mess out of autotune. "Gosh!" *Napoleon Dynamite voice* lol. #ImJustSaying

Before T-Pain, there was Roger Troutman! Before Roger Troutman, there was Stevie Wonder! Before Stevie Wonder...um, Idk. I didn't research that far. lol. But I'm saying all of this to say...thanks to people like Stevie Wonder, Roger Troutman (Zapp & Roger), Teddy Riley, Ryan Leslie... for giving me an idea over the years of how unique an actual talkbox is. I've been thinking about getting one. #seriously. lol. It seems fun. And plus...they say it works well with a guitar. I'll see about that.

Last note: T-Pain doesn't use a talkbox...obviously he lives for autotune. But since he made autotune huge-r than huge in the 2g's. I felt the need to throw his name in above.
Last Last Note: FYI: Stevie Wonder is still a beast on the talkbox as if he's still in the 1970's on Soul Train. lol. (Yeah, I saw that re-run.)


Thank you.