My Nite Time Expressions

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What's poppington with me tonight? Absolutely nothing! As usual...this is what my typical friday nights are like.
But there is always some kind of drama or personal problem going on if nothing else is going on for me. Which is commonly common at the moment in my life.

But I can say that something is always happening to me that eventually ends up being crazy.

For starters, my Sidekick hadn't worked all day. I couldn't recieve any phone calls or text messages today. T-Mobile was the problem today! They know they made a mistake yo! I don't understand how they get $ every month & still can't do right. lol. (I shouldn't have said that.) Sry. lol.

Anyways, it's working again. So I'm :)!

I did some internet shopping earlier. Or rather looking (lol). I saw a lot of things that were dope. I need to make up my mind soon. Because I'm anticipating some sort of excitement in my life soon. So, adding to the wardrobe= happiness. lol. KarmaLoop=Happiness!

Since I'm on the subject of happiness...happiness is a word that seems to run away from my life at this point in time. I think I should leave this touchy subject for another time before I cry a river in here. lol. I got my issues just like every other person in the world. And I'm not crazy yo. lol.

Anyways, I'm curious as to why people assume that my major is Fashion Design/Merchandising. Uhhh, not. I'm just a magazine fiend.

But, sometimes I'm not sure if I should take offense or take it as a compliment that people sometimes don't understand my fashion style. Usually I don't care. Because I walk to the drum of my own beat. ALL THE TIME! And sometimes I feel that that's the idea that a lot of people lack on the inside which prevents them from expressing themselves in their own way.

As for the "Do I have a Boyfriend" Status>>>>I'm currently single as an one dollar bill that's hot off the press. lol. I shouldn't say that. I'm just single yo. Let's just say that there are no exclusives here at the moment. But if you really know me, then you would know that I definitely have my eye on that someone. Homeboy knows who he is...maybe or not! lmao~

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