Flashback Movie: B.A.P.S.

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Starring: Halle Berry, Martin Landau & Natalie Desselle ... 
Release Date: March 28, 1997
B.A.P.S., B.A.P.S., B.A.P.S... If you haven't seen this movie, I don't know what you are thinking to have missed a comedy like this. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOVIE! Halle & Natalie together are hilarious to me. Even though the critics once said that this was one of the most aweful movies ever made...I disagree! It's not bad. You have got to have a sense of humor to appreciate this comedy of a movie. If you're feeling down, a lot of things aren't going right for you & you feel like watching Halle Berry act a fool...then it's time for you to watch B.A.P.S.

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  1. OMG I LOVEEE THAT MOVIE TO THIS DAY! my mom hates it haha. my favorite part is when natalie's boyfriend is at the mansion, outside crying .. saying:

    "i wanna buy you nice things. you should have nice things .. you cant wear yo sunday clothes .. ON WEDNESDAY!" lmfaooooooo


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