Aug/Sept Best Dressed List

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This best dressed list is of the people who are the most fashionable & influential with their style in our world. And they are all definitely doing it BIG with those unique styles!


The 'Mar/Apr Best Dressed List' that was done by myself was featured with this young lady as being #1. The reason why is because this creative person is probably my favorite-fashionable person. And I've always loved her style; well since...forever. Rihanna, is definitely THEE BEST DRESSED person RIGHT NOW! Without a doubt.

Amber Rose

What can I say about Amber Rose's style?!. There's so much to say about her. But looking at her style alone, she seems to be a very unique & carefree person. It's just kinda funny how she allows her sense of style to speak for her most times. I've only heard Amber Rose speak twice since she's been in the spotlight. But she has been blooming all by herself lately without saying much at all.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana! Teyana has been fly since...forever. The year is 2009 & Teyana's style is getting doper & doper by the moment! This young lady has no limitations to what she wears everyday. Everything that she wears is completely different from anything that she's worn in the past.

All three ladies may already know that when it comes to them wearing clothes everyday, they're hella dope with it. So, I'll just stop babbling about it. lol.


Thank you.