The '09 R3m!x3d Version Of Destiny's Child?

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Could Rich Girl be the '09 remixed version of Destiny's Child?
But, you can see that the girls are good. I came to ask the question because there are thousands of comments from viewers on RichGirl's youtube account saying that this is the new Destiny's Child mixed with maybe even EnVogue. Now, Idk about that but um...! lol. These 4 girls need to work a lil harder to get to be like my favorites DC3 x EnVogue. Well, let me just say that homegirl that sings lead on their 1st single "He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)", she does sound like Beyonce a bit x she even resembles Beyonce in this video. I can see why people are saying this about the group. Anyways, their sound is dope. So, I really do think I would be able to listen to them regularly when their album drops.

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  1. I had to listen to it a bit. Its cool. She does kinda sound and favor Beyonce! I immediately thought of Lose my Breath tho. They can be the new 3LW idk bout DC


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