The Creative Style Of...Tracee Ellis Ross

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Who: Tracee Ellis Ross

Age: 36

B-Place: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Actress

Known for: Playing the role of Joan Clayton on the CW's sitcom "Girlfriends" (2000-2008).
Little known facts: She graduated from Brown University & worked in the fashion industry before becoming an actress.

Tracee Ellis Ross has a totally flawless sense of style. She has a style that is more of a sophisticated and a "I got it all together" look. Which is a look that young ladies like myself hope to soon achieve once we actually do get it together in life.
Tracee has somewhat of the same personal x flawless style that her character Joan Clayton had on 'Girlfriends'. (*Sidenote*:::'Girlfriends' is my favorite tv show.)

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  1. I love "Girlfriends," so interesting, and she is the definition of beauty and always on point.


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