My Fav. Fav. Song Of The Moment is...

2:20:00 AM KB 3 Comments

...a song by Jamie Foxx & Marsha Ambrosius called "Freak'in Me".

Damn! How much do I love this freak'in song. Jamie Foxx's album "Intuition" has been out for some time now & I've had it for a while but I've never really paid much attention to it until some weeks ago. The reason...probably because I'm so freaking tired of "Blame It". It used to be dope but now...I just hope they retire this song forever.
For some reason, I've been heavily addicted to this "Freak'in Me" song. Literally. The other songs are good but yo...I'm so in love with it. The title is obviously a freaky title. But yo, if you're a lover of music as I am, then you'll absolutely appreciate the complete melody x sound of the song. And can I just say that Marsha Ambrosius has always been x will always be on my favorites list. So, you know this sh*t is hella dope if she's on it. Then with Jamie Foxx. SUPA DUPA. This song is hella sexy...
I feel as though this song has had to have done some sort of goodness for some people in their lives. lol. idk. But for me, I'm just enjoying the song in my iPod. lol.


  1. I love those kinds of experiences, babe. I remember when I felt like that about "Do It To Me" off of "Confessions (Usher)". At first, I didn't notice it too much but the first time I heard it all the way through... it was a wrap.

  2. YES YES YESSSS !! i am soo in love with this song! this and bed springs. jamie foxx in my opinion is one of the best at making songs like this .. he stays on my sex song playlist haha

  3. i cant even front that song is the ish!!!


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