Trumpet Times (with John Perkins) (Short Doc)

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I recently got the chance to release my short doc "Trumpet Times (with John Perkins)" onto the internet. It's 1 of 3 that I was required to create for my documentary course back in Fall 2012. 
In this documentary, you'll see my friend & musician John Perkins who is doing what he does best. 
Also, he spoke on how he has gotten to this point of his life and career.

*sidenotes* I met J.P. during our freshman year in 2008 at Texas Southern University. And, we've been cool ever since! He's an awesome person. And, I will add that he's an incredible musician as well. Also, we spent several hours shooting in the HOT Louisiana sun that day (sorry, John. Lol.) 
And, GUESS WHAT??? No complaints! He's dope. :)

Make sure that you all support & check out "Trumpet Times (with John Perkins)"

photography by KB 


Thank you.