Happy Birthday To My Blog...

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This wonderful journey started on March 1, 2009! And, there is a reason why I am so excited right now. 1 year has gone by already & I'm still enjoying being apart of this blogging world. This is something that I love. I love that there are no rules to this. Every person is able to express themselves in any way that they feel. Since day one, it been just a joy ride to post things that are special, different or creative through my eyes that I felt should be seen.
Thank You's...
I want to thank every person who has been following or keeping up with my blog in some way. I want to thank every blogger who I follow!!! Ya'll are my food for thought some days. I want to thank every person who follows me!!! I want to thank every person who reads my post/page. You guys are the best!!!!
Your Blog...
My favorite thing about having a blog is that I'm able to interact with other people & blogs while getting closer look of different things. I'm a blog reader. I love them. Especially the ones that are so different from the rest...not the typical. If I'm following you, then most likely I love your blog & I'm reading it. I've been lacking on posting comments on blogs. But from now on, if I'm reading then I'll be commenting.
Once again...thank you guys. And I won't be going anywhere. I'm here to stay! Some vlogs are on the way!!! &More creative ish as well!!! Stay tuned. aye!!! I'm out for this minute.


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