Big Sean x Me

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These past few days for me have been surprisingly & somewhat calm and undramatic. I've been relying so much on music & my iPod to keep me in this Positive mode. With that being said, a little of the credit goes to Big Sean's UKNOWBIGSEAN MIXTAPE. For the passed week, I've been constantly listening to Big Sean & have been feeling very heavenly like with this ear candy. I'm not going to lie. I did push the mixtape to the side at first. But just so happens that this is the best thing since Drake's So Far Gone. I'm juggling & listening to so many people right now that it's rediculous. I feel like I want to post a blog to express what my ears & heart are experiencing at the moment. I've got to let all of this out soon. Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Big Sean & His Mu5!c are definitely on my LOVES list. I think I'm in love yo! lol. I've been pulled in by Big Sean.


Thank you.