Flashback Movie: Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

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Starring: Brandy & Whitney Houston...

Release/Air Date: November 2, 1997

Can I just say that I've seen this musical/movie a million x 1 times in my life.! This a Disney Classic! And I've always adored this movie dearly. I remember when I used to sing along to all of the songs. I love Disney for the remaking of Cinderella. Honestly, I've never seen the original Cinderella movie starring Julie Andrews. So, I might have to go on the hunt to find it. Because the Cinderella movie has always pulled me in & captivated all of my attention. They don't make Disney movies like this anymore.
Since I adore the movie so much, maybe I should get into the animated Disney Cinderella also. The cartoon maybe. Idk right now. But um, I so much love Disney movies. Every time I think of a throwback Disney movie, I think of my video collection as a kid. And in my mind, I'm thinking that Disney should go ahead & re-release every single classic on dvd, so that way, I'll be able to recollect them all. And then I can be a kid again. lol.
Thanks to Hurricane Katrina for acting like a BLANK BLANK & destroying all of those classic along with every single other thing that I owned...
*Try filling in the blanks for me*


Thank you.