Mar/Apr Best Dressed List

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In my opinion, these people are the Best Dressed right now & they're really doing it big with their unique styles.

She is my favorite person when it comes to style. What can I say? Everybody knows that she's a real fashionista & her style is ridiculous. No matter what the circumstances are she's always looking her best.

Kanye West & Amber Rose

They have been really getting around over the last month. And everywhere that they've been spotted, their collaborative styles have been really noticable in a very good way. Kanye West's style pre-Amber Rose was super insane. But when Amber Rose came in the world of his Universe, things changed. His style went out this world & her style went right along with his. So, their put together outcome came to be HYPER INSANE.

Keri Hilson is dope. She is on my favorite list for best dressed. Keri has been doing her own thing with her style since a long time ago. And she's one of those people with the 'whatever I feel' styles. Which I love! But alot of people just recently came to notice her style because she's much more in the spotlight now with her album. She's dope, yo.


  1. I cant really understand the way rihanna's hair are growing :O
    I love their outfit :)
    Good continuation
    The Hairstyler.

  2. nice list!!! all of the people you picked are fly as hell

  3. Indeed. Rihanna and Keri Hilson are two big trendsetters! Amber is gettin' in there aswell =) kudos.

  4. i love amber sheis so stylish (sometimes too much but u know ...) and so hot ... kanye got the jackpot


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