I am reporting...The Recent Outbreak...

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...of B*tchAssNess.!. Yes. I am reporting & blogging about it. Mainly, because lately in the arena of my eventful life, I've been seeing/witnessing alot of b*tchassness going around through the grapevine. And honestly, it's not cool at all. And I think it's time for me to express how I feel about it to help the situation a little bit. I'm not judging anybody whatsoever because I've grown up a bit and I'm doing alot of non-judgementality. (word?) whaaattt. lol. So, yeah. I have no intentions to embarrass or hate on anyone. I'm just expressing how I feel because this is a Blog right?!. And if you know me, you may know that I have rational thoughts or opinions for a lot of things. But I don't necessarily lend those thoughts out all the time unless I'm wanted to by that (those) person(s). Basically, I'm being a realist. Sooooo, (the point.blank) There are some people in my life, who I may know personally or in whatever other way, that I feel as though have been diagnosed with the symptoms. And they may not know that they are diagnosed with the outbreak called "B*tchAssNess"! LOL. Ok. No, but 4real. This has to stop. I don't know what's the cure... some people need it soon though!

According to
urbandictionary.com, the definition of "B*tchAssNess" is one that acts like a b*tchass & also is considered a disease (referred to in an epidemic sense) to Diddy.

The symptoms are:
  1. Not Taking Care Of Your Responsiblities
  2. Overall Hating
  3. Stating You Were About To Do Something When You Know You Weren't
  4. Getting Called Out On Your Bullsh*t & taking a b*tchlike approach
  5. Crying Like A B*tch about simple things (Whining OR Throwing Little Hissy Fits)
  6. Acting Like You Are Better Than Someone
  7. Acting Salty

    Here's Diddy recently discussing the issue of b*tchassness (&trying 2 sell/promote something as usual).

P.S.~SORRY to those wonderful & innocent people in the Blogospere who had to witness this, but I had to go in hard to express my feelings for the people with the outbreak. You feel me?!. Thoughts/opinions anyone????


Thank you.