What Catches My Attention...

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Lately, there have been so many videos that have caught my attention. These videos have been serious, funny, strange, and so much more to explain. There are many movies, music videos, short films & documentaries that inspired me in a certain way for many reason. And some people may have realized that inspiration from the many videos, films & visuals that I have shown. Well, with that being said, there's a reason why I'm so much into visuals such as films & music videos. Well, the reality in my mind has always been that maybe there's a directing or producing career ahead for me. Or maybe also an A&R position or any position w/ a record label. Or maybe a position with a fashion or urban magazine. Idk. But we shall see. Anyways, I'll keep informing people to where my future career is headed. Because I'm working towards so much.

But um...yeah...videos are what it is.!.

My bad. Lol.
This posting turned from being about the interesting videos I've been seeing to telling about my many career plans after 2012 once I graduate from this reality check called COLLEGE LIFE.


Thank you.