I'm starting to take a very serious interest in the Domestic Violence topic...

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These two serious videos have been brought to my attention. I feel as though this is a very very serious issue going on in our society.

This is my favorite video right now. I can't believe I missed Larry King Live that night. Actress Robin Givens speaks with the guest host Joy Behar about her life experiences with domestic abuse. (Her Mike Tyson days.)

This video made my heart hurt when Robin was telling the horrible stories and all the obvious signs in the relationship. As this segment goes on with a couple of other guest joined, you can see that this is actually still hard for Robin. If you watch this video to the end, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to the very last statement of this segment. Robin said something that was so wonderful & that I appreciated greatly.

I applaud Robin Givens so much for helping other women in this struggle.

Tyra Banks talks to Oprah about the domestic abusive relationship she was in at 20 years old.

Thanks to World Star Hip Hop. Because I find about 1/4 of my videos on there. And I usually look for the videos that are uncommon videos on there & for me to appreciate more.


  1. Tyra only showed one side of domestic abuse and i'm not saying that a man should hit a woman but a woman shouldn't hit a man ether.Sometimes dude can take there woman hiting on them until he can't take no more and pop her one good time.And i'm tired of people saying it's nothing a woman can do to get hit just walk away yeah right.


Thank you.