Michael Jackson Rehearsals & Performances From The 80's

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Michael Jackson's Rehearsal for the making of Thriller!
This is 1 of my favorite videos to watch. Yes, i love MJ rehearsal videos just as much as the music videos. This makes me wish I could have actually experienced the 80's music era. I was born in 1989. So, most of my life I've had to made up for what I've miss. I'll continue to rock to MJ in 2009.

Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana Music Video
Why have I always loved this video? Probably because I love just about all of MJ's videos. Ok, I absolutely love this song & performance/music video because it is so Rockstar like. Note to Juelz & Wayne, this here is a real rockstar. Like really. The electric guitar in this song makes me want to...i don't know. lmao. Besides that, my fav. part of the video is when MJ like rips his white t-shirt back. And that's when he starts to act a fool from there.

Michael Jackson performing 'Another Part Of Me' Live on the Bad Tour
How much do i love this song.?! Ya'll just don't know. Ok. So, another video of MJ performing this song that I really wanted to show had restrictions on it to where I couldn't share it. Just about the majority of MJ videos are set that way. Yeah, this is 1 that I love, so I was able to show it. He worked it for this tour.

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  1. I love the old Michael Jackson! Dirty Diana is sooo tight! But PYT is my absolute favorite

  2. dope video of the rehearsel
    but he messed up bigtime!!!
    I also like the old MJ

    i got pics of him playing some hoops
    when he was a kid on my blog

    check it out:


Thank you.