Making The Band 4 Got Really Real This Week...

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Well, Well, Well, MR. Q!!!
As you might or might have seen,
Q lashed out at everybody in the house and got extremely crazy due to the effect of the financial hardships in the group. I think he was overreacting & being a little dramatic to situations that shouldn't have been taking to that type of level.

I love Q and all but ya'll know he was really wildN because he was trying to fight my might-be future husband Will over nothing. So, everybody in the house was getting rowdy trying to stop them from fighting.

Even little Aundrea got in the middle as if they were gonna chill out when she came in the room. LMAO. Now that was funny.

Then Dawn got really pissed off & MTV started bleeping out all her words for the scene. So, you know she was real mad about the Q & Will situation.

At the end, Q & Will made up & apologized. That was really nice but it seemed a little uncomfortable for them both (lol) because as they were talking to each other, Q had on no shirt. It was just a bare chest. And sweat pants. lol. yeah...

Anyways, as they both were apologizing, Q & Will would both be looking directly at the floor trying not to make eye contact with each other. Maybe Q should have put on a shirt for that conversation. LMAO. Hilarious.

Q-"I'm sorry, man." lol.

Here's an exclusive scene that wasn't seen on this week's show.


  1. yea Q went hard on them niggaz he the realest nigga .

  2. I actually think Q is lashing out b/c Puffy is booty pirating him and he can't deal with it.... Just my opinion. He acted like a female.


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