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I'm pretty sure that you've heard the saying,
"Excuses are only good for those who make them."

Well, it seems like every minute of the day, each of us are making excuses for ourselves and our actions. I will be the one to admit that from time to time when something unplanned happens or does not happen, I end up expressing an excuse. (Wow! I just unknowingly made an excuse for myself! Smh.) This is an ugly habit that has become a problem in our society. It is seemingly an easy way out of and after certain situations. We feel that it is a way to get away from things that could have been dealt with or handled at that time. We come in at the wrong time after the right time in hopes of making up for that time with AN EXCUSE. As I'm thinking about it right's not the smartest thing to do! There's only one thing for all of us to do from now on. Handle your business and no excuses can be made! On this topic, I will say "us" because everyone of us is accountable for our own actions. We need to step up and be better...because if we do what's needed to be done now, there's no need for an excuse later!

"Don't make excuses and Don't talk about it. Do it." -Melvyn Douglas

Sidenote: As it may seem that I write to the world on this blog...I also write to myself.
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