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Hey what's up! It's been a long time since I've expressed my thoughts on here. My life has been unusual and random as ever. Wednesday was my last day of class for this semester. *YAY* Even though I'm finish with classes...the instructor has assigned a final research paper that's due next week. *Ughhh*
No Freddy Kruger or outtings for me...I have yet to finish this paper.
Can't wait to finish up so I can get back to what I love to do...

Music. Music is on my mind 90% of the time that I'm awake. iWish I could write it & listen to it all day long without interruption or worries. Lately, I've been so attached to Amerie. Ya'll just don't know! I'm telling ya'll...Amerie is the truth.
Slap me if you don't love it. lol. (You betta not son!!! *serious face* lol.)
fyi: I absolutely love the words in her songs...Amerie's words...smh:)!
@Diggy is killing 'em right now. I mean that in a very very good way. 
'The First Flight Sequal' Mixtape is coming real soon...I heard. I can't wait for that!!! I'm STILL on 'The First Flight' Mixtape. #heavy

Let me cut to the chase. I'm about to address something...I try hard to not address anything negative. But, this will be my first and last time doing yeah. This goes out to all the people that I know who are being victimized & put down by this negative energy that's going around. Don't feed into the negativity. Giving into it will give it longevity... I absolutely know that it is hard to sit there and allow someone to say or put things out about you. But...the state of ignorance will never change unless you ignore it. Ignore goes away. Eventually, the someone or people behind this will be exposed and this will go away. What's done in the dark will come to light! And! All I've got to say is that...GOD DON'T PLAY!!! Like really. The computer that's protecting people's identities right now won't protect them later on when the naked truth comes out. An unknown identity on a computer was this person's last resort in attempts to bring other people down.
See what a person's last resorts are to do something
and that proves what type of person you're dealing with.
Keep MOVING...Keep GOING:)! 

"If people are trying to bring u DOWN, that means you're on the way UP!
Tell 'em hi & sail on by!" -@TheSingleWoman

 "If you're not making someone else's life better, you're wasting your time."
-Will Smith

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