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I'm excited x100 right now! Why? Because my inspiration...the greatest ever...Lauryn Hill...just might be giving me what I've been waiting for half my life. Yes! More wonderful MUSIC! People out there...please!!!...understand...I grew up with this lady and it gives me so much JOY & Happiness to know that she just might be back to giving us her greatness. Lauryn Hill means so much in my life. So many times in my life, when it felt like no one was there for me...guess what?...Lauryn Hill was there...her music was there. Seriously. Some of ya'll might be looking at me crazy. But would take days...maybe weeks to explain how much she means to me.
So, anyways...
Here's a new clip of Lauryn Hill being spotted after attending
the Tanzania Trust Gala and Reception in NYC last week.
L is giving hints to this...(that's why I'm spaz'N out in a good way when she does! lol.)
thanks so much to
p.s.-TMZ tryna be slick...I see ya'll tho! lol.

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  1. Oh my goodness! The world isn't going to end lol.
    We'll see. I'm excited to hear her new music IF it ever is released.


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