Where's The Month For Black History?

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Around these parts for the past few weeks of February, I've been seeing this frenzy surrounding the Saints Championship & Mardi Gras season. Well...it is sad to say that Black History Month has gone a bit un-celebrated...and obviously in other places in America besides here. 

I can't force our society to show some appreciation for this month that was greatly fought to be...but I will began to show appreciation through this blog. There's so much more for people (especially of our generation) to know about our history. Not just Dr. King, Rosa Parks...

Let's start here.
If no one will stop to show & tell us about our own history,
we will educate ourselves.
FrontSidenote: ^^^This is the OFFICIAL BHM LOGO!

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  1. Hello my name is Derrick. throughout the month of February I have been posting some Black History on my blog. Go and check it out at means-derrick.blogspot.com. May God bless you and your family.


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