Hey Young 2010

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This is my first post of 2010!!!
And I'm excited to announce that this is
the official year of EVOLUTION!
evo·lu·tion : a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state : GROWTH : something evolved. via: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Currently, change is very much needed in my life, society, and the world, for that matter. I know that I and maybe even you could've picked any time during 2009 to change things but...now that things are drastically changing for the better in 2010...
I actually have a good feeling about things.
I can say that 2009 started off bad and
2010 feels a lot better & different. Yayyy!!!

Special Announcement!!!

We are less than 2 months away from the celebration of
my blog, CreativeLifeWorks.Blogspot.com's 1st birthday. That'll be big yo. Yes, it all started on March 1, 2009. I can't wait for the 1 year bday to approach. I've worked hard to keep it going. And I won't stop until the world is satisfied...really until I'm satisfied. lol. On the blog's bday, I'll be happy about something else as well! I won't speak on what it is as of yet.
Let's just say...
#YourNextFavoriteSongwriterOnTheScene! *smiles*
And, maybe there'll even be some other exciting things in store for 2010 that even you might be excited about.

What will you be seeing next from my blog?
In 2009, I went in a great deal when it came to mainly
FASHION & MUSIC (which are both my favorite things ever).
I'll still be going in that direction. But I'll be taking a kinda/sorta left approach to things. (Yes, I'm left handed.) lol. But what I'm saying is that I'll be really going in on the very most creative & different things that others sometimes aren't bringing to our world. This time around, it's going to be a bit of the same but different. Hopefully, you'll still find things entertaining, you'll can learn something new, and even get some type of realness feeling from what I will continue to bring to the world.

What would life be if it stood the same?


Thank you.