On A RiRi, Bee & GaGa Break

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Hey Young World!
Let's take a short break from our wonderful world that's filled with the Rihanna, Beyonce & Lady Gaga frenzy. lol.

Here is (now)
20-year-old Bria Murphy!
Her name has been in small talks lately. But hey...it's enough for me to do a post on. lol. You've probably seen her as the leading lady in Gucci Mane's new video, "Spotlight" feat. Usher. And of course, you know that she's the eldest daughter of Eddie Murphy.

I have a question...Do you think Bria Murphy can crack jokes like her father and uncle, Eddie & Charlie Murphy?! lol. She probably can though! *Sidenote*~>I would love to see Eddie & Charlie Murphy joke out & get crazy at the same time in a room together. lol. That would be a hilarious.

Moving On...
Anyways, I've done research in order to find out who she actually is and what it is that she does. Aspiring model...maybe! Idk. Well, It was very interesting for me to see that everybody had the same information about Ms. Bria Murphy. Everywhere I looked it was the same thing but it wasn't enough info. So, that proves to me that she doesn't have all her personal business out in the world as I would have expected her to. Well, besides the fact of who her father is! And also, the fact that everybody is showing that she is currently dating Pleasure P. Rumor~>maybe...idk!
Bria has been seen alot on quite a few red carpets these days.

OK...that's enough of me being all up in other people's lives! I absolutely don't want to look like a Stan or anything. lol. Because I'm not. But I have a feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more of this young lady in the near future.

Be on the lookout for Bria Murphy as she makes an appearance on The CW's
America's Next Top Model Cycle 13 Finale.
It airs tonight at 8/7c.

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