Used To Think Of It As...Yellow!

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I've been waiting on the October 2009 "The It Girl" Issue for some time now & I finally have it! I had a little chance to look through it & it looks to be a very dope issue as always. Haven't fully read it yet because I still have a full stack of other magazines that haven't been touched (dating back to a few months ago to now). I know that that is rediculous for me to do! lol. Why am I doing that? Idk. At this point in my life, I have the biggest love in the world for magazines. And all I ever do is collect them, stack them, then "maybe" read them (if & only if) I get a chance to do so. Currently my life is crazy/insane at times. Whatever that means. But, my time spent is mostly not doing the things that I love to do.


The fave homie, Vashtie does have a feature...HipHopHooray to So far, I love the way Nylon went about doing features. Seems like Nylon went hard with this one. Especially with the fashion this time around. 

Also, there are some hot Bags that my eyes have caught. They go hard. Oh yeah! The Baby-G watch is definitely looking at me. (Still!) (I think it's 4real.) I'm just saying.

Later in time,
when I really really get a chance to get into this one then I'll evaluate on how I really feel.

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