Top 3 Mixtapes (I'm Adoring Right Now)

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Right now, I can't get enough of mixtapes. I seem to love mixtapes a little more than studio albums at the moment. The current hip-hop/r&b state is so hot to me right now. So, having collecting mixtapes is a way that I show appreciation to artists because they've shown appreciation to us supporters in creating them (until the releasing of their album). But these specific mixtapes below are the top 3 mixtapes that I'm running non-stop in the iPod right now. And Nicki Dha Ninja & Melanie Fiona's mixtapes are my favorite favorite favorite mixtapes right now. Just in case you didn't know. lol. Dope ehhh!

1.) Nicki Minaj
Beam Me Up ScottyDownload Here

2.) Yung Berg
Back 2 BusinessDownload Here

3.) Melanie Fiona (Meets The Illadelphonics)
A Live Remix Jam Session of The Bridge


Thank you.