Who Do I Admire...When Should I Tell 'Em?

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"If you admire somebody, you should go ahead & tell 'em. People never get the flowers while they could still smell 'em."
-Kanye West (on "Big Brother")

Those words are so powerful.

There are people out there who I admire because they inspire & motivate me to keep moving forward toward my dreams. And you know...just how Kanye did with the song "Big Brother" dedicated to Jay-Z, I want to let certain people/artists that inspire me know just how much I admire them. It might be hard to express this to some of them...but for some others, it might not be so hard to express my admiration. I'm currently on a mission to let them know this (personally or through cyberspace). And I'm also going to give a few of the many reasons why they are dearly admired by myself.

My Mother
(yes ma'am!) She's doing her thing in college by working on earning her second degree! She's working hella hard...And what else can I say besides her being a GO-GETTER! Mommy does her thing in all aspects of her life and as well as in my life! She might not know how much I admire her for her hard work & dedication to raising me but as well as for being successful at whatever she puts her mind to achieving...

Kanye West

I could dedicate this entire creative life blog to this man if I wanted to...That's just how much I admire him. That's a lot of respect there. Every day that I listen to something of his, there's always a new question or thought from him that always helps me to help myself in my life & future.

Lauryn Hill

I grew up listening to this lady's music. She's always been that inspiration to me because of her words, melodies, etc. This will be the most difficult person of them all to meet. The reason why is because she's not an easily accessible person to the world like other people are. It's very rare to be able to come in contact or just to contact THEE LAURYN HILL. But I'll do anything to complete this mission. Sounds like a challenge! I love challenges though.

Keri Hilson Everything that Keri Hilson has done thus far & will have done in the future is truly the truth. Keri's the truth yo! She inspires me so much and in so many ways. From her songwriting to her own music artistry to her fashionable style and even to the hard work & dedication. She's always been that ever since I was first introduced to her work in maybe '03 or '04.

Ryan Leslie

Omg. Can I just say that I am able to listen to his album from beginning to end.!. That's a rare thing when it comes to music. But this man's incredible & there's no one like him on the planet. One of my favorite things about him is that he actually does play every single single single instrument. If you hear drums in his songs...Then he's most likely & physically (with both hands) playing the drums. If you don't understand the hype, then you should see for yourself & then you'll be amazed. Then get inspired! Then thank me later. lol.

Angela Bassett

Whenever I'm in my aspiring actress mode (which I haven't been since '06), an all-time favorite & inspiration of mine is Angela Bassett. This lady puts the art in artist & act in actress. Let me just say TINA TURNER...lol. (just playing.) But for real, there aren't that many people who can express themselves in films the way that she can. And the emotions that she brings every single time (whether good or bad) is always an emotion that speaks to the souls of us all.

Alicia Keys

A. Keys has been there for me since 2001. And it's so incredible how even in 2009, her music still is a major influence in my life.


Honestly, I adore India.Arie's music. Her music gets me through my good & bad days. How can someone intertwine a harmonious voice & an acoustic guitar to be able to speak to the soul so well? If I'm the only one listening...I don't care!

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  1. Big ups to your mother!
    My mom is working on her master's,and my uncle is too.
    I admire them because they are living proof that you are never too old to learn.
    My mother is such an inspiration to me.
    Whenever I'm stressed out about my academic or social life,I just step back and look at all that she has gone through and is going through.
    Great post!


Thank you.