Jazzy'd Out Right Now...

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In A Jazz Music Sense! Right, iListen to Jazz Music. As I get older, I'm being exposed to different types and styles of music. I absolutely love to learn & explore all expressions of music. I try not to discriminate whatsoever. So, I'm looking forward to exploring more of this wonderful genre called Jazz. Last year, I was exposed to some Jazz through Music Class & also from attending TSU's Vocal Jazz Ensemble Concerts. I was so easily influenced by some of the best experiences. So, I think I'm in love now. There's something about Jazz that just puts you in a positive & feel good place. A place that no one can take away. And that's why I love it. It's a place that rap, r&b music or others genres can't take me. Sooo, I'm going to work hard to achieve the goal that I've set. And that's to one day being able to... lol. I'm not ready to announce that yet. Maybe in a few days, or weeks, or months. I don't know. Who knows.

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  1. Mos Def tho. Jazz is like the best music ever.
    it puts u n a..insightful


Thank you.