Electrik Red is dope!

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Most of this post has absolutely nothing to do with Electrik Red. I'm actually listening to them right now. I can't wait until their album comes out next week. I will be getting it. "We Fukc You" is a dope song, yo! I love Friend Lover & So Good also. I love their many youtube videos. They are some dope & hilarious people. And I'm subscribed to all four youtube pages. Because when I'm down or having a bad moment, I'm always amused by something that they may do. For that reason, they're dope & hilarious people.

A Major Anyways.

I just feel like expressing myself at this time of morning.

I made it home from my friend Justin's graduation party. Well it was a nice little get-together though. Well, I made it here at home at officially 3:15 a.m. Why? Because...O.K.! After Phoenix High School's graduation, which started for 7pm and had me leaving around 9pm. Idk. After the graduation (which was nice because I love all of those kiddos & I'm happy for them); I decided to roll to Justin's party with my two cousins (one of whom was a graduate). So, we got there to see a bunch of people chillin' inside. It was a pretty chill evening. But the drama didn't start until after we (us plus two other friends) decided to go to English Turn to chill and socialize. Basically to see if there was another party. lol.


So, I was in my mom's car all night as usual
and let me say that the gas tank was not full today. lol. Which is a surprise.

So, o.k. after we left English Turn /Braithwaithe, we went back to Justin's house before attempting to head back home. This was the freakin point of the night (12am) where my cousins & I had learned that the car was on "E". lmfao. And then the information screen around the cd player started flashing saying "Oil Fuel Low". In my mind were the words "this is fucked up yo". And I didn't know what to do. I was like yo, I have to get home with my mom's car. With gas in it. lol. I was kinda of shocked that I had allowed myself to be a little irresponsible & careless. I think that I was so into wanting to dance to bounce music (sike) or whatever that I didn't pay attention. (Me & Bounce music are a seldom combo b/c I try not 2 listen to it so that way I don't get tired of it. Which I do anyway.) lol.

You know what! I procrastinate too much. If I would've just went back on the Westbank to get some freaking gas before I went to Justin's, this probably wouldn't have happened. I could've been having a good time on the Eastbank & not ending up with no gas at the end of the night. lol. I'm lame for that one. But I don't care though. Because the homies helped me out on this one. So, I do thank Jus, Yung & Deno for the help'o. They're dope for that yo. And they should know that I got them for whatever. But um! For all those homies & people who asked me earlier how did I let the car get to "E" knowing that I would have to go back home.
Let me just say, that there's a first time for everything & it was an accident. So, don't freaking tell me that you've never in your life have done something crazy with a car that was an unexpectant. Like wrecked it, or had a flat tire or have gotten it scrapped by a bridge railing. Idk.
If a person doesn't have a car story of some kind already, they will someday. But this is one of my stories for my yet dramatic life. So, those people who have their little comments
need to just BLANK MY BLANK...
I'm just playing right now b/c obviously it was unintentional & stuff happens.
The real question is...

Why does crazy stuff always happen to me?
No matter what!
Bad luck shouldn't be popular in my life like this.
Thinking about it now...
My luck has been bad for a while now.
It's like an on & off type of thing.
To a point where I say, I should have known. lol.
That's messed up right?
But um...
this post is leading me into another post with another subject.
But maybe it's dealing are around the same timeframe.
idk. lol.
So, I was thinking about this song phrase that says,
Hopefully, no one comes at me
with the running on E jokes. lol.
Oh yeah and when I made it home, I dropped my phone on the ground as I was getting out of the car. It broke into 3 pieces. Which sucked!

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  1. I kno most of this post wasnt even about them but i LOVE Electrik Red! I was off them last year when no one even knew who the hell they were. lol. Love em.


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