12 Things I Adore This Week

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I have been attached to 12 specific things this week. And I have been truly inspired by these things because they've been helping me throughout some days. Usually in a very positive way. Because of the 12 things I feel very confident enough to express what they are right now. Here we go.

1.) Keri Hilson's "In A Perfect World"

O.K., so, I'm still rocking with Keri on this one. It's been a month & some change since this album has been out. And guess what?!. I'm still listening to it like it came out this past Tuesday. Man, this is probably my favorite album right now. Hands down. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to it. I listen to this album so much that I've even learned to just listen to the backgrounds vocals (which are awesome). I'll be listening to this forever.

2.) iCarly (TV Show)
Can iJust say that iCarly is my favorite show.?! This show is so hilarious. Seriously. I really & truly love this show with a passion. The Hills has officially been knocked off the top of the list. And I'm surprised of that happening. Memo: The Hills are not #1 on my list anymore. #2 MAYBE. Anyways. iCarly comes on every single day on The-N x Nickelodeon. And guess what! I autotune every episode, no matter if it's a rerun or not. And I've been thinking about purchasing the past seasons on DVD. So! Upon graduation from college, I would absolutely love to do some production work for this type of show. Producing a show on MTV is still at the top of the list though. iCarly is straight up dopeness.

3.) http://thespacesikk.blogspot.com Sikk has one of the coldest blogs. This blog is a favorite of mine. And I honestly think that what she's bringing on her blog is different from the others. I love when she does post on videos x quotes x kicks and all kinds of other dope things. Because it's usually something that I'll like to love.

4.) The 30+ shots of myself that was taken last week.

I think I was bored at the time & just thought to have fun with my camera. Taking them was actually fun though. A friend of mine said I look mad but I really wasn't. Just so happens I chose to show the pics that I wasn't smiling on. I can't post all 35 pictures but you can see a few that I've posted.

5.) Clueless (The Movie)
Can I just say that I have Clueless on DVD. So, you know the party always start when this comes on. I usually just party by myself though. I need some friends who'll watch it with me. Bummer, right?!. Man, this movie is pure dopeness. lol. Seriously. I think I'm going to look at it once I post this.

6.) Stickers from Target x Walmart
Stickers are what I adore these days. Probably because I've been fasinated with creating picture collages with stickers on my laptop face. Since I've done it, it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Target x Walmart have the best things ever yo. Anyways, there are so many word stickers x butterflies x stars all over the face of my laptop. It's kind of cool to look at them when my laptop's closed. Boredom was the reason for me to start this. I think I create the most creative things when I'm bored.

7.) http://fashionistaatplay.blogspot.com/

This is a wonderful blog that I've recently come to love. And I love the fun x positive type of energy that's being put into this blog. It's probably one of my favorites. And homegirl does her thing with putting it together. I need to take a few pointers on keeping up.

8.) Drake's "The Comeback Season"
Drizzy! Comeback Season is my fav. & apart of my daily life. Can't live without this man. I had to switch it up to '07's 'Comeback Season' because 'So Far Gone' is running too much through my iPod. For those newly fan people who are just recently getting the Drake memo, please backtrack & head to the "Comeback Season" & "Room For Improvement" Mixtapes. And maybe even Degrassi: The Next Generation: all of the seasons. You might learn something besides Every Girl & Best I Ever Had.

9.) Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill"
Lauryn Hill! This is my favorite album ever. This one is apart of my daily routine. In case you haven't realized yet, I'm very much a follower of Lauryn Hill. I would have to do a few posts to express how I feel about this album. Greatness.

10.) Ryan Leslie's Self-Titled Album

Ryan Leslie is a musical genius. I've been rocking with this album since I don't know when. So, it's like a daily routine to listen to this album. It's probably not going anywhere. And I really really recommend it, if you don't already have it. I promise you that it's one of the best albums ever.

11.) Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull has helped me out dearly. I love it. It does keep me up when I need it the most. Usually, my heart x body is on the runway when I drink it. Probably because of the large amounts of Taurine, Sucrose & Caffeine that it contains. That's probably not safe at all, huh?! Oh, well. The creators of Red Bull do practice what they preach & what they're selling works.

12.) Marilyn Monroe Quotes

Lately, I've been loving a few of Marilyn Monroe's Quotes. What can I say about Marilyn Monroe & her quotes?! She had somewhat of a "I don't give a f*" & "I'll tell it how I see it" attitude when it came to saying things. And some quotes are funny & real & random & blunt. And when I think of Marilyn Monroe, I think of her as being so glamorous & blunt. Something like when she was in the film "The Seven Year Itch". *MySORandomSidenote*(Only if you care)lol* "Yes, I'm into films/tv & obviously because that's what I'm going to school for."
And (oh yeah) before I forget...
It would be cool to see others showing their 12 things that they adore in a week. Hopefully, you'll be next to do that.


  1. havent seen icarly. gosh I need to buy so many albums. nice list

  2. I LOVE iCarly too! I've been keeping it a secret though, maybe I should come out with it lol
    #8, #9, #10...♥

  3. #'s 1, 5,& 12 i sooooo agreee with. lol
    feeeling this post mamas .


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