What If Lil Wayne Had Tattoo Regrets...

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...like Pharrell did? Lately, alot of thoughts have been going around in the blogosphere about Pharrell having his tattoos removed through the laser removal procedure. Well, I agree that it seems like a terribly painful procedure. But I guess homeboy had to take the pain. Anyways, one day I was wondering, what would everyone's resulting inner emotion be if Lil' Wayne was to have the laser removal procedure done for his many tattoos. This pain would feel like 200 lightning bolts striking you while you're taking a bath in freezing cold water with 10 jellyfish surrounding you and 4 powerlines running through the bathroom all at the same time. That's hellafied. Lmao. That's rediculous. And I'm kind of overexaggerating the amount of pain in comparision. lol. Anyways, Lil Wayne does have tattoos over nearly his entire body. So, that pain would be excruciating with tattoo laser removal. Horribly to the max though.

photos courtesy of LilWayneHQ.com & Tattoo-Removal.com


  1. if he tried to get rid of all of em at once i gotta feeling he would die lol.. especially the 1's on his face

  2. I Was Wondering This Same Thing Before I Got My Ink...Although You Should Be Willing To Live And Die With What You Get, After Awhile You Barely Notice Them....But Then Again I Don't Have Nearly As Many As Those Guys LOL

  3. Not a Bad idea In my view we cant see the skin of Lil Wayne thats too much :)

  4. I think it would be like michael jackson's nose, like his skin would melt off lmao. Nah, but I feel you. The question is: Would he look more attractive is they were all removed?


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