My Fav. Albums from the 2000-2002 Music Era

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I believe that Music is my addiction. Period. It's like my first love. And in my life, there has always been a connection between Music & myself. I have decided that I will travel through all era's of music to show what I've been listening to over the years. I have 500+ cds and I think it would be interesting to pick the favorite ones of each year from my collection. And see how my ears & heart have grown over the years. I've decided to start with this decade's era because of whatever reason...So here we go!
Eminem-The Marshall Mathers LP
This album is so dramatic to me. Eminem can be hilarious at times and then serious at other times. Eminem is really a creative rapper & I can see from this album how he's a good rapper. My favorite songs are 'The Way I Am', 'Stan' & 'Kill You'. When I first heard the song, 'Kill You', I was in awe & disbelief because this song is about his mother, Kim. Poor Kim! This song is really creative in a very very strange way though. My favorite line is "You Don't! Wanna F*ck with Shady! Cause Shady! Will F*ckin' Kill You!" lol. (I STILL ROCK WITH THIS ALBUM)

Nelly-Country Grammar
I haven't listened to this cd in a long while but I used to listen to it all day long. This album is the real definition of Nelly! I wonder why Nelly doesn't get the kind of attention Now that he used to get back THEN.

Mya-Fear Of Flying
I love this album so so much! I still listen to this in the cd player & on my iPod like IT just came out this year. Mya did her thing on this cd. She does on every album though. I love just about all the songs on here. My favorite favorite songs are 'Man In My Life', 'How You Gonna Tell Me', 'Now Or Never', 'Fear Of Flying', 'Can't Believe', 'No Tears On My Pillow', 'Take Me Over (feat. Left Eye)' & 'That's Why I Wanna Fight'. I also love 'Best Of Me (Remix) (feat. Jay-Z)' but it wasn't on the album.
Big Tymers-I Got That Work
I'm still crazy over this. If you see me listening to it, I'm rapping all the words. I have no choice because Cash Money is what I grew up on & what I've heard everywhere I went. I remember how Lil' Wayne, B.G. and Juvenile was always on every song of each others album. And Lil' Wayne is all over this album & he was really cold then. My favorite songs are '#1 Stunna (feat. Juvenile & Lil' Wayne)', 'No, No (feat. Lil' Wayne)', 'N*gga Couldn't Know (feat. Lil' Wayne)' & '10 Ways' & 'Rocky'. I honestly believe that somebody (maybe B.G. OR LIL' WAYNE) wrote all of Baby's rhymes because there's no way in the world that his raps could be so cold like that then to be so stupid & lame now.

Destiny's Child-Survivor
I used to live off this album. Nobody can do it better than Destiny's Child. They gave me my girl power. And I will always love Destiny's Child. My favorite fav. songs are 'Independent Women Pt. 1 & 2', 'Nasty Girl', 'Fancy', 'Happy Face', 'Emotion', 'Dangerously In Love', 'Brown Eyes', & 'The Story Of Beauty'. DC3 4EVER!

Alicia Keys-Songs in A minor
I'm am a real Alicia Keys fan. ALLDAY EVERYDAY! This album will always help me in my life. I feel like Alicia Keys was more raw & more realer on this 1st ALBUM. It was more of a 'What You See Is What You Get, you either hate it or love it'! And she didn't care. That's a different girl from the A.K. NOW. Every song on here is so so real & helps you in your life 4 everything. And her vocals are just ridiculous on this album. Love it! My favorite fav. songs are 'Piano & I', 'Troubles', 'Rock With U', 'The Life', 'Never Felt This Way (Interlude)', 'Butterflyz', 'Why Do I Feel So Sad' & 'Lovin' U'!

This album is a classic. Every song! Aaliyah really did her thing on this 1. Timbaland, Sean Garrett, Static Major, Missy Elliott & a couple others did their thing also when it came to writing & putting these songs together. And when Static Major sung on a couple songs, he's doing a little "Lollipop" type of autotuning. My favorite songs are 'We Need A Resolution (feat. Timbaland)', 'Loose Rap (feat. Static Major)', 'Rock The Boat', 'More Than A Woman', 'Never No More', 'I Care 4 U' & SO MANY MORE! R.I.P. Aaliyah! R.I.P. Static Major!

This is another classic. I used to be on this cd really hard. Because Nas went so hard on this 1. My favorite songs are 'Rule (feat. Amerie)', 'Ether', 'Rewind', 'One Mic', 'Destroy & Rebuild' & 'Smokin'!

Ludacris-Word Of Mouf
I am forever a Ludacris fan. I haven't listened to this in a while. Sometimes I abandon him, but the things that he says is always clever & I'ma keep rockin with him. The album is a CLASSIC. Nearly every song is on point. My favorite songs are 'Roll Out (My Business)', 'Growing Pains', 'She Said', 'Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!)', 'Block Lockdown', 'Cry Babies (Oh No)' & 'Cold Outside'!

Keke Wyatt-Soul Sista
Oh, how much do I love this album. 1 of my favs! My mama first put me on this when it first came out. She used to listen to this all the time in the car and at home. So, I started loving this dearly. And this is a classic! My favorite favorites are 'I Don't Wanna', 'Nothing In This World (feat. Avant)', 'Don't Take Your Love', 'Push Me Away', 'If Only You Knew' & 'Call On Me'! KEKE WHERE ARE YOU?!.

Lil Mo-Based On A True Story
Oh my! This used to be my favorite cd. I'd listen to this everyday. My favorites songs are 'She Could Never Be Me', 'Time After Time', 'Ta Da', 'My Story'... I can't remember some of my other favorites because this cd doesn't work anymore & I haven't really listened to it in years. But this is a wonderful album. I might have to go buy it again.

Michael Jackson-Invincible
This is it! OH! I forgot how much I used to love this album. I think I might have to get back on Invincible. This is a Classic. It ain't no Thiller or no Bad but It Is Still The Sh*t! Yes, I am a MJ FANATIC! My favorites are 'You Rock My World'(I love the video!), 'Butterflies' (Thx Floetry), 'Heaven Can Wait', 'Break Of Dawn', 'Whatever Happens' & 'Speechless' & 'Threatened'!
My favorite albums from 2003-2005 are coming soon!


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