Dr. Eric M. Dyson Debate On MSNBC About Race. (Very Interesting!)

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I had to view this video a few times over because that's just how real it is. And I was very surprised. I saw this last month but I'm posting and blogging about it now.

What's going on is that Pat Buchanan & Dr. Eric Michael Dyson disagree over the appropriateness of Eric Holders' speech in regards to his race comment calling America cowards in the matters of race. What I love from this video is that the disagreement gets deep and Dr. Dyson gets deep with it & it goes beyond Eric Holders' comment.

Throughout this video, MSNBC has sound problems & continuously and literally cuts off Dr. Dyson. You just don't know how f*'N aggravated I am to MSNBC's so called technical problems because this man was and always have been telling America's ugly truth. And just so happens, I was actually trying to both hear & listen (there's a difference people) to what he was expressing. COME ON, MSNBC! UGHH. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES ALRIGHT!!!! This man is the realest AND a realist. I've appreciated him since he started shutting it down on Hip Hop vs. America. I could go on forever to express how I feel. So, let me not go any further.


Thank you.