DK Reunion...on MTB4 Finale...?!

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Last week was part 1 of the season finale & I was absolutely crushed. At first, my hopes were up high for the remaining members of Danity Kane but that was until Diddy cut the last sting of that hope by firing Aundrea. I was highly disappointed. I did cry a little also. Don't judge me. lol. I felt bad for little Aundrea, but then I started to feel really bad for Dawn. she's in this world all alone with Donnie & the boys of Day26. O yeah & (the man against B*tchassness) Diddy. lol. But for real,
I think Diddy made a little mistake with that decision. I think that he shouldn't have gave up on Aundrea like that. Think about it! Whoever wanted to be in Danity Kane, were there. DAWN & AUNDREA. Diddy made it seem like Aundrea didn't want to be there. But, obviously she did want to & then she had to put up with the crazy house drama every night & let alone not getting a steady pay check. So, you already know that she was still down with Danity F'N Kane.

The outcome would've been really cool if Diddy would've did a Destiny's Child type thing to Danity Kane.

You know what I mean? Destiny's Child got rid of Letoya & Latavia, which left Beyonce & Kelly in the group. They searched to find Michelle & Farrah. Then, Farrah Left.

Next outcome is DC3 with Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle.

FINAL OUTCOME! Best-selling group, grammys, etc., etc.

So, what I'm saying is that Diddy could've tried to make it work with the two that actually really really wanted to grind hard to keep their dream alive. I don't know. I'm getting a headache. This is why I haven't been blogging as much about MTB4. I love MTB very much but there's so much drama on the show that I don't feel like talking about it sometimes. It would be too much to gather. lol.

Before I stop with this...

I just need to say that D. Woods & Shannon both need to stop playing games & go back to Diddy to put up a fight for their career & their lives.


  1. Ugh, I can't stand reality shows. That being said, if anyone out of the group could make it without Diddy, then it'd be D. Woods. The problem is... none of them can make it without Diddy, not really.

    You saw those saucy ass photos of Shannon a few months back? She might not have a career in music when it's all over, but she will be on magazines regardless. Somebody quote me out here.

  2. took the words right out my mouth ... the feeling is mutual .he needs to give them a chance and stop acting like he THE SHIT and got it like that . now thats "bitchassness" !


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