Is Lauren Conrad Saying Dueces To 'The Hills'?

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After the dramatic day I had today, I decided to open my laptop. Then I came to see that MSN had a headline story saying "Lauren Conrad saying bye to 'The Hills'?". And I said, "What?!."

Watery eyes.

Ok. Somebody please, please tell me this isn't true. This is my favorite reality show. L.C. is my favorite person on the show and it's obvious that she is THE STAR. And I've been tuning in to her life since 'Laguna Beach'. So, you all should know that i'm very serious right now. lol.

I had to take another look to make sure I wasn't tripping on that headline. From what I've just read, the producer of The Hills has officially confirmed that L.C. is leaving MTV's 'The Hills'. Season 5 will be her last appearance. And Lauren doesn't want to be apart of the reality show anymore because she wants to move forward and live a more private life. Ok Lauren, I feel you on that one because having cameras film for 20 something episodes per season is alot and no privacy. And I can see how overwelming that can be for your life.

But right now, I'm hoping that Lauren changes her mind and decides not to leave the show after this season. I can't take seeing fake new people come on to the show and same old Heidi & Spencer every Monday night. It's killing me to even think about it.

Season 5 will be premiering March 30. I can't wait. Because 'The City' is killing me right now. Like really. That's a different story for another day. And I'm still wondering why 'Daddy's Girls' only had like 6 or 7 episodes. Idk. MTV needs to change that next season for them.


Thank you.