How Much Do I Love Solange's T.O.N.Y. Music Video?

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?. A Million%
"T.O.N.Y." is off Solange's latest album SoL-AngeL & The Hadley St. Dreams. And Solange is 'what it is' these days. I mean, all the way from her fashion to her music. This has to be my favorite Solange video thus far. And one of my favorite creative people right now, who goes by the name of Va$htie is the director of "T.O.N.Y." So, I had already knew that it was going to be something so outerspace. And I want to be like Va$htie when I grow up. lol. I'm so much loving how it's shot in Black & White. And the concept is 'what it is'!

TONY Video


Thank you.