The 'Cookie' Crumbles On The Bad Girls Club

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Ok, so there was a fight on this week's show between the Fab Five (which consist of Tiffany, Boston, Ashley, Sarah & Ailea) versus the 1 & only Amber B aka COOKIE. LMFAO. 'Maybe' Amber B. had it coming to her just like every other time. Like when Kayla got her the last time which forced Kayla to leave the house. Amber B does run her mouth entirely too much and I could see why she gets jumped on a lot. But I guess Tiffany had to finally show Amber B. how they do it in Chi-Town. LMAO. Man. Tiff is so gangsta. But this time I don't really understand exactly how a fight for the millionth time sparked off outside the club & 'only' between 'all the housemates'. Idk. I just can't wait until next week to see if Tiffany's going to be kicked out the house & back to Chicago? I hope not.

I'm still wondering where was Amber B.'s so called best friend, Amber M. when she was getting murked because bff's don't let friends get jumped like that. And this isn't the first time she let her bff get whoop.

In this video, Amber B. just kept pushing it up with K.C. over a restaurant tip. And K.C. should have really shown her how they do it in L.A. by going out with a bang. Most of these bad girls this season are kinda weak compared to last.

In this video, a small portion of the fight scene from this week is shown towards the end. And a couple of the many other fights from previous episodes are in here also.


Thank you.