Genuine BFFs are hard to come by these days

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As I made my frequent, weekly trip to Barnes N Nobles last week, I decided to picked up the April '09 Issue of Vogue with the Beyonce cover. I should have known what I was getting myself into because every Vogue issue takes up too much of my time with their 200 pages of advertisements.

OK. "I understand Vogue needs to make money from Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, etc, etc...; but come on! Can Vogue make some money from me & SATISFY ME also! lol. Let's put more words & photos on the pages that's going to tell me something worth wild?"


As I was almost halfway reading through, I was becoming very dissatified. And I didn't want to finish reading it. But, as you know, I didn't stop. Because magazines are what I love and there had to be something good in this issue.

After all that being said. Long story LONG! LOL.

I stumbled upon the most adoring & genuine interview and photoshoot of two BFFs in this issue of Vogue. This is my favorite part of the magazine & it features Best Friends, Zoe Kravitz & Olivia Thilby. They are two of America's up-and-coming actresses with the most lovable and unique styles in fashion.

Once reading this 4 page section of the BFFs, I just absolutely loved how much of a true friend these two are to each other. It can't get any realer than that. I've seen them together on pictures from alot of events and they seem really close.

I've notice from the many ordeals that I've had with former best friends & friendships and also what I've seen through other people's friendships is that the words "best friend" are often thrown around so easily and these friendships are in no way proven to be genuine or authentic.

So, for the past few days,

I've been thinking about what is the true role of a true best friend. Because some point in everybody's life they will need a friend. I've come across many definitions & explanations of this role and I've been helped in the process by ezinearticles in showing a few. Soooo, I'm best friendless right now but hopefully this can help me & maybe even you can come to realize the true role of a best friend.
  1. A best friend should be somebody who can be trusted 100% of the time.
  2. A best friend should be the one we are able to confide in, knowing that they will not spread your business to other people.
  3. We may be in trouble, we may have done something terrible... What we require in this situation is 'somebody to support us', listen to our problems, offer advice, but most of all not to judge us. A best friend will offer all of these things, without hesitation. (I love #3!)
  4. We all need somebody to be able to call from time to time, just to talk, even about nothing, somebody who will make us laugh and ultimately happy. We all need to have the odd night out, perhaps at the movie theater, perhaps a nice place, whatever. A best friend will be the person to call and will make time for us in these situations.
  5. A best friend won't stab you in the back by attempting to steal your boyfriend, they will not spread rumors about you, you should be able to trust them with your life.

What I'm reading right now...


Thank you.